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The official publisher's website for the book is at; the link given in the Preface is no longer valid, due to a website redesign--here is a direct link to the 2nd Edition: .


We give great thanks to Rebecca Turner for her initial comments on a draft of the book; we apologize to both her and Rebecca Hardy, who was thanked in error in the Preface.


p.5: “Donner, Brown, and Brasher 1990” instead of “Donner, Birkett, and Buck 1990”.


p.21: "Our overall estimate of the mean µ…” instead of “the mean π”.


Boxes 10.2 and 10.3 have been exchanged.  The box appearing on p.181 should have BOX 10.3 as its title and appear later in the chapter; the one on pp.187-8 should have BOX 10.2 as its title and appear earlier.


P. 39: Should be "Sample size requirements for CRTs are discussed in more detail in Chapter 7."




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